These days, video is everything. Look through any of your social streams and you are sure to see video dominating the space. To stand out you need COOL video content. We know what make artists look good and what fans want to see. Weather its music video production, behind the scenes of your session, or a song story, we can make it worth your investment.

Don’t take our word for it. Look at some of our music video production work and make your own decision.


Photo and video are now the highest engaging forms of content. Make sure you are giving your fans what they want.


Fans want to connect with you beyond just listening to your song. They want to feel like they’ve gotten to best friend status. We’ve found the best way to do this is behind the scenes videos. You can have high quality BTS videos cut specifically for Instagram and Facebook. We’ll even help you break one session into multiple post and include a schedule for stress free social media marketing!


There is not limit creative ideas we can do here on our Cyclarama Wall. Wildly popular and seen in music videos from Bruno Mars 24k Magic to Post Malone recently, these music videos are an awesome and affordable direction to go in.


Give your fans an intimate in-studio performance in our large Live Room. We can set you up to perform live and have an attention grabbing raw element or we can over-dub the audio from your recorded track. You can also choose between a solid white or black background in our video studio for a clean professional look.


Let your fans in on the reasons you do what you do! We have prepared a long list of questions for any type of “behind the …” situation, whether that be an album or just a single, we help you deliver the information fans want the most. Shot in studio or on location.


Our video service goes beyond these options. We also shoot full production music videos, live events and almost anything you can think of. Drop us a line to get more info and/or a quote on a project.


We have developed social media marketing plans for all of our video services. This way when you pay for a video you also get a plan of action of how to use it effectively. No more upload and forget about it!


Before someone hears your music they see your image, so make it high quality! We put together professional studio shoots with our black and/or white backdrops so you can use the images through branding and your social media. These can be used for print, merch and everything in-between. The shoots don’t stop with at the back drop either. We can schedule on location and in-studio photo shoots.


Whats the use of high quality pictures if you don’t have a plan to share them effectively. Like our video packages, every photo shoot will include an easy to use posting schedule to ensure you get the most out of your content. We even offer a Social Media Management and Growth services if you want us to do the work for you.


Click the see more button to find out about other services that we offer or you can get in contact with us so we can answer any questions you may have!